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    Many updates · e1e0d3ea
    Mark Sturdevant authored and Richard Hagarty's avatar Richard Hagarty committed
    Fixes #32
    Fixes #39
    Fixes #45
    Fixes #46
    * Add deployment options openshift/cf/local
      * openshift coming soon
      * cf images coming soon
    * update to Python 3 (test w/ 3.8)
    * update lib versions in requirements
    * upgrade watson sdk to ibm-watson 4.0.1
    * remove a lot of auth param/env code, the SDK does it
    * use/doc latest auth env vars (instead of made-up hard-coded ones)
    * exceptions are caught/printed by flask
    * synthesize params are keyword-only in Python 3.
    * Added auto-upload of skill
    * Updated insurance skill json
      * added to male/female because it was hearing stuff like ("mail" or "email")
      * removed empty response after gender prompt which was hanging app
      * renamed file to use the downloaded file name
    * Removed the redundant workspace.json
    * concat responses because it was returning multiples that should be said.
    * make user text show on user side, not bot side
    * make microphone show when disconnected from server w/ alt text instead of broken image.
    * try different order to see if it helps text/voice timing.
    * Add license file
    * Update usual files
    * Clean up manifest.yml
    * Fix readme s/workspaceID/_ID
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