Commit 843b2999 authored by Anamika Agrawal's avatar Anamika Agrawal Committed by GitHub Enterprise
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Merge pull request #4 from open-toolchain/fix/image-name

update image name
parents dde3ae6a 7970c4bb
......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ variable "app_port" {
# image names can be determined with the cli command `ibmcloud is images`
variable "image_name" {
description = "OS image for VSI deployments. Only tested with Centos"
default = "ibm-centos-8-3-minimal-amd64-3"
default = "ibm-centos-8-3-minimal-amd64-3-eol-2021-12-31"
data "ibm_is_image" "os" {
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